BHP's Port Lincoln Operations

Proper Bay

The Proper Bay Workshop. Taken in 2000, it lacks the crane. Road on the left led to a service bay inside. The Gantry that stood here was removed in 1995. Photo © Ian Harris.

I cannot recall why they were shunting, but this photo shows the large gantry used for loading and unloading locos and wagons.The racks in the left show the location of the gang shed.

An Aerial view of the Proper Bay depot can be seen here

Unloading. The shed houses a rotary tipper. There are rumours this is to be used elsewhere, but given the wagons are going to be chopped up: who knows!

The very left road leads to the workshop. The next road to the holding yards and the tank is for diesel fuel. The conveyor to the right runs to the silo, and the shed is the main power distribution point.

Now to be a housing Estate!

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