Sumpter Valley Railway
 John and I left Boise for Baker City Oregon, the Sunday after I arrived. We headed straight up to Sumpter, and dumped our gear at the Steam and Scoop Motel. It was then down to the Sumpter Depot to have a look at the train, and within minutes I was on the footplate of their Heisler, and heading down the Valley.

The crew were Ian and Chuck, who took it in turns (one return trip each) to fire or drive the loco.

We also took time in the afternoon to tour the mining dredge. This machine dug up the entire Valley in the search for gold.

On the Monday morning, we headed back to SVR's depot, and were met by Patrick "Smitty" Smith. He had bought along his M19-Z36, which we took for two trips up the Valley - What a hoot!

The View from the Footplate. Left - Ian Firing Right - Chuck shunting at the Depot

Watering the engine.

This is the railways third engine, not steaming at present. They have a Mikado that they steam. If I recall correctly, the two steamable engines are alternated each weekend.

The SVR started out with the Heisler, and has since built up a fair collection of 36" gauge equipment. The original line had in the main been removed during the dredging process, requiring the new SVR to rebuild from scratch. The track is made up of materials donated from other railways that have been abandoned.

When the SVR closed, some of its rolling stock went to other 36" railways. Some has come back to its home, and others are wagons bought from surplus sales at other roads. Markings seen include the East Broad Top and theWhite Pass and Yukon.

John on the left and Smitty on the right.

Me on the left, and Smitty on the right - What a great car, what a great start to the Holiday. Thanks

For the enthusiast, the plate on Smittys car. He was unsure of the full heritage of the car. But what a fantastic restoration.

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