The Maryhill Museum

On the way to Train Mountain, John offered to detour up to the Maryhill Museum, located near Goldendale Washington.

It is just off Interstate 63, on the northern side of the Columbia River.

Check out the Museums own website, and be sure to take the time to have a look. It has a brilliant collection of American Indian artifacts, and of chess sets.

The site also has its own concrete StoneHenge (should that be ConcreteHenge?) built as a memorial to Local World War I veterans.

Looking west downstream of the Columbia

Maryhill was based on an English Manor House, and was constructed entirely of concrete. Each end of the ground floor now houses museum exhibits, but were designed for garaging automobiles

Looking East upstream.

John at Stonehenge. This is the altar stone.

Crooked Creek. A huge drop in the middle of a large plain!

Crooked Creek, looking west towards BNSF Rail Bridge.

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