Crater Lake

Crater Lake is a former Volcano, located along the same fault line as the Mount St. Helens Volcanoe that blew up in the 1980s.

Fortunately, it is no longer active, but is a most spectacular blue lake, and stunning mountain scenery. The mountain also has a lodge, a restaurant and a place for helping tourists to lighten their cash load.

It felt a little funny to have been only 36 hours away from temperatures in the high 80's (farenhieght), and then to be surrounded by snow, albeit a little wet, mushy and thawing. The route we took to get here was through desert!

This would be an ideal place, during winter, for a weekend away.

Looking across the lake from the Lodge

Looking in an easterly direction from the lodge lookout

One Aussie Icicle! Mmm Have to bring Lynda here!

This is a secondary volvanoe that sealed the floor of the lake. The Park allows boating and fishing (the lake was stocked by people last century, but has no natural infall or outfall other than rain, melt and evaporation).


Located at the top of the mountain is a lookout. it would be a great job for the view, but the wind whistling up the hill would be a real chiller.

Official Crate Lake site here
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