The Pacific Northwest Tour, 2003

Canines of the Tour

A big Aussie Woof (thats dogstrine for "G'Day") to all my canine colleagues in the States!

My mignion, and housekeeper, Nic, has come back from the States with many wonderful and interesting stories to tell. But to really upset me, not only had he not taken me out for a walk for three weeks, he also smelt of freshly run speeders, and of dogs from far away!

Thats really got me hot under my flea collar, as I have not been out on a speeder for ages. The closest I get is to sit on my housekeepers cars, like this Supervisors Inspection Car from New South Wales.

My domestic assistants used to take me out regularly on a speeder, so I was most jealous to learn of my colleagues running over there. I will have to arrange for a trip.

I have asked Nic to get some details of the fellow Speeder Dogs, so at least I can put a face to the smell!

He was surprised to meet up with a Blue Heeler in Sumpter - So far from home - on Day One of the trip.

A big happy Speeder Dog tail wag to you all.


Molson Hope

Molson hails from Canada, and is so famous that he has a beer named after him. Nic says the beer is pretty good.

Molson enjoys playing with his Kong when he is not riding on a speeder. His favourite speeder is Big Blue, a former Canadian National A5, although he does enjoy riding in an MT14 from time to time.

My tireless mignion, Nic, took this photo of him as he and Mallet supervised the-set on at Dayton, Washington. They must have done a good job, as they arranged for some 25 speeders to be on the track in 31 minutes!

Mallet Baldo

Mallet Lives with her Helper, Chris, in Willits Oregon. Her assistant, Chris, did an exellent job in carrying out her orders over the three weeks of the tour as she guided the speeders over the various lines that they ran.

I am a bit envious of her, as she gets to ride in an ST2-AA, something I have never shared a ride with my mignion on.

Nic says he took the photo at Cul-de-Sac, on the Camas Prairie trip.

My fleas tell me that Mallet is an Australian Cattle Dog!

T-Bell Alegre

Profile Pending

Bodie Dominguez

Profile Pending

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