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My SpareS.I.C. Engine.
 This is an S12D series Wisconsin engine, built in Australia byRonaldson Bros and Tippett in Victoria, under licence from Wisconsinin the United States, (who were the majority owners ofRB&T)

I picked up this engine last year, andam rebuilding it as a spare for the SupervisorsInspection Car I jointlyown.

The engine has a seized exhaust valve,which appears to be a typical problem with these motors. All of theengines I have come across, around the country, have had a similarproblem.

This engine is set up for electricstart, and has a dynamo that can (or perhaps should) throw somewherebetween 10 and 20 amps.

As well as unsticking the valve, I willreplace the main seals and gaskets. So far the motor appears to be inreasonable shape.

Typical of this size engine, this oneis "splash" lubricated. The manual I have for the S12D and AELNDindicates some were fitted with a proper oil pump.

This is an S12D, but not the one in this series of pages.

This engine is also suffering a sticky valve - needing anoverhaul!



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