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My Spare S.I.C. Engine.

December 2004

Well it has been a while since I did anything to my S12D,but in the last few weeks, it has all come together ready for re-assembly.With runs at Kingaroy, Yeppoon, Wallangarra, YPRail, helping out others with their scars and some other things happening. it just ain't been a priority.

Shaun has supplied me with a sack of parts, The dirt has been blasted away, the barrel has been honed, the crank shaft repaired and new bearings installed- all I need to do put it together.That has been happening, albeit veerrryyy sllllooooowwwwwllllllyyy!


The barrel is back on, and the new valve in place.

I have lapped the valves back into their respective seats, and cleaned out the valve guides.


The guts are back in, and the timing for the valves set up (easy job, just align the dents in the crankshaft and on the camshaft).

Hopefully with a little time off over Christmas, I can put it all back together.


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