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The car needed outsidebearings to accommodate the shortened axles for 24" gaugerunning.

Dean machined up a new axlefor the front, the other is the original rearaxle.

Because of the pitting on the big end journal, the crank was ground out, and the big end bearing remetalled and machined to match.

Note the pitting and rust stains.

The gearbox had also satfilled with water, so all bearings were replaced. A cheat's way topull out cups is to run a bead of weld around the inside. As themetal cools, it reduces the diametre of the cup and out itfalls.


The gudgen or wrist pin.Water had entered the motor this far up. Dan Brown provided a newbearing and wrist pin for us. We also imported new rings and brakeblocks.

The motor was in a very poorstate, with much welding around it. It had also sat filled withwater, as evidenced by the wrist pin above, for some time. When themotor was first started, Dean said that it sounded aweful. Eventurning it over by hand was bad enough.

All new bearings wereinstalled, so the old girl should run quite nicelynow.

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