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This car came from theCommonwealth Sugar Refineries' Hambledon Mill.

It is a Type 4SL, BuildersNumber 7084 of 1954, running on 24".

It had (and may still have)four sisters.

Goondi Mill owned BN8376which was a 4S/BB, as were the cars at Macknade (8377) and VictoriaMills (8375).

There is information tosuggest that there was two (8388 and 8389) other cars of the 4SLstyle also located at the Goondi Mill. It appears all these cars werebuilt in or around 1959 by Wickham in the UK.

The 4S/BB denotes a carfitted with reversible seating, whilst the 4SL cars were fitted withforward facing seats.

The car above still has itsflange brakes. These were removed from other cars because they werefairly ineffective.

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