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WAGR Motor Quad - General Layout

This page captures the general layout of these motor quads - if you have any comments, would love to hear them

236 - Bassendean 2014

A dig on the net identifies this as being powered by a Suzuki TS125 Motor bike motor. this is a little later that the one in the car below, sometime from 1970-1975. The white tank is for two stroke oil, and appears to be straight off a Suzuki. The fuel tank on this car under the bench on the left, just below the clutch lever. Next to that is a Villiers throtle control.

The gear selector is stock, and the pedal to the right is the brakes.

236 - Bassendean 2014

As above - note modified ignition coil just behind spark plug

Chain drive to rear right axle only.

Stock bearings used on the motor section.

The braking system appears to have very stong Wickham overtones - flange brakes. Interestingly, the earlier JAP powered car and Gropers use wheel brakes. note the Square tube construction.

Showing the frame and setup for the front outrigger.

326 Wheel - showing set up of stub axle, sound deadening material, and possibly stiffening wood.

Not sure if sealed bearing, but from the looks of most, appears to be some sort of bearing.

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