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TranzRail ATVHi-Rail

  This vehicle is a demonstration of NewZealand ingenuity.

As far as I know there is only the one.

Tim Moore, pictured, who works for Transfieldundertaking track inspection work on the New Zealand Network, thenowned by TranzRail,developed this All Terain Vehicle/Hirail from a PolarisQuad Bike. The bike was seen as a good compromise between a full onroad-rail vehicle, and replacing exisiting light section cars withsomething such as the Alumi-Cart.

At the time, an Alumi-cartcost NZ$21,000, whereas the ATV option was developed forNZ$11,000

The bike required some minor modification to allowit to run on the New Zealand gauge of 42", including the installationof spacers to bring the wheels out enough to sit on the railhead.

Tim reports that the vehicle rides well despiteits knobbly tyres, and is easily set on and off at road crossings. Itis road legal with a cruising speed of about 50Km/h. He also advisesthat having something that can go almost anywere has made the taskthat much easier.

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