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SAR "T" class National Railway Museum, PortAdelaide.

I have seen one of these with markings to suggestthat the pattern for the design came from a "Casey Jones". An almostidentical motor to those seen in the "T" class is pictured in a bookpublished in 1931, describing a range of "Casey Jones" products.

This may have been the motor. But as with the"S"series cars, the railways were great at knocking out their owncopies. These cars where built in the Islington Workshops,Adelaide.

The Commonwealth Railways also had a car verysimilar to this, but it was known as the "Victorian Casey Jones".There is evidence of these being used on the Central AustraliaRailway into at least the 1950s.

Large single cylinder two stroke engine, flat beltdrive with a sliding base motor to tension. Magneto ignition. Thecast wheels have a bolt on rim with separate hub. One wheel was"free" to allow turning

There is evidence to suggest that these wherebuilt for both the broad 63" and narrow 42" gauges. Car above isnarrow.

A few preserved: Quorn SA, Port Pirie SA and theNational Railway Museum (all 42" gauge cars).

From a drawing dated 1932 showing the broad gaugeversion of the car.

The drawing is labelled to describe the car as a"Casey Jones".

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