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 This car forms part of the National RailwayMuseums' collection of section cars. It is a broad gauge (5'3") unitthat is very complete, and in very good condition. The unit has asimple clutch and a reduction gearbox, and an electricheadlight.

I could not see any markings on the motor, buthave seen different cars fitted with different engines and gearboxes,including another at the National Railway Museum, and one atSteamtown. The Steamtown car has been cut down from (I am told )standard gauge to 42" for the narrow gauge there. That car has a twostroke motor in it, this one is an open valved four stoke unit thathas an air operated oil feeder to the engine (see the little brassknob in front of the light switch).

Information from the Archives suggests that these,and their three wheel sisters, were originally powered by a "Minerva"2 3/4hp motor.

The car at Peterborough is apparently formallyfrom Yongola where it worked with the SAR as a linesman's car (on thestandard gauge).

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