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CR/ANR Motor Inspection Car(MIC)

The SAR had a long history of running MICs.Morris's, Dorts, Bedfords and of course theseLandcruisers.

At the height of Australian Nationals Scrap andBurn campaign, this fine vehicle got the boot. Seen here at awreckers yard. The motor being almost new. This one beingMIC9.

MIC9 was modified at Islington Workshops in 1969 for the Commonwealth Railways. She was issued to Port Lincoln by the Australian National Railways on 30 October 1979 after service on the Central Australia Railway. She was scrapped mid 1985.

I know of at least two others on the narrow gaugeof the Eyre Peninsula, both scrapped for a song for theirmotors.

MIC 11 is one of the lucky MICs to survive. Moreinterestingly, there is data to support some of her workinglife.

Both MIC9 and 11 are Toyota LandCruiserFJ55Wagons. They were built in the periodbetween 1969 and 1974. For 11, I could not find any clear markings todetermine her build date.

The log book (in 11) does not note anything priorto 1978, but it probably went missing - there is also some confusionas to the status of the car being a road vehicle initially, or beinga rail based vehicle from day one. My instinct suggests that the SARbought the vehicle and mounted it on standard gauge - along with MIC7, and in 1978, afterthe take over by Australian National Railways, it was sent to Cook, on the Nullarbor Plain.

It appears to have spent most of its life at Cook,with lots of entries in the log for "tests". Most are noted as 1-2kilometres, but some are a bit longer.

The last entry in the book was made May 19, 1988for a "test". It would have been not long after that she was involvedin a prang, and subsequently was retired.

Australian National donated her to the NationalMotor Museum at Birdwood, who in turn gave her to YPRail. Mid 2005 she was sold to a private collector.

She was probably one of the last MICs in servicewith Australian National.

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