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CR or SAR Road-rail

This little gem is one of the earlier road-railsknown on the South Australian narrow gauge, and certainly on the EyrePeninsula. Registration was ZDD-617.

It is a Daihatsu Hijet - although I am not sure ifit is a 360 or 550, but certainly dating from the early 1970s. -These power machines were run by a massive 600cc three cylinder twostroke - but were prone to popping pistons.

Maximum cruising speed (on road anyway) was aneck-breaking 70km/h.

This vehicle was set up for running on 42" gauge,and was last known to work out of Thevenard, on the Far West of theEyre Peninsula. I first saw it in April, 1986 when it came to PortLincoln for servicing (on a flat truck, as per pic), and then againin June,1987 when it was at Islington for auction.

Perhaps a pioneer road-rail - the next were the Suzuki Sierras.

There is a little vagueness surrounding thisvehicle. And it may not be that easy to solve, as the former AN plantGuru passed away a few years ago. A few people have suggested thatthis may have been ex CR or even ex TGR as well.

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