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Pacific/Fairmont ST-T and Eseries

N138 Alice Springs

These cars were built by Pacificbetween 1970 and 1976.

They are a combination of a FairmontS Series Chassis, and an auto motor driving through a gearboxotherwise used for an MT19 type car, with a chain finaldrive.

The records suggest that 42 units ofthe STT series were built and 5 of the STE series were assembled. Thedifference denoted by the T and the E were the motors. There is some suggestion that a sixth car was built.

All were powered by a small fourcylinder engine. The "T" indicated a "Torana" engine (the Torana wasa Holden/General Motors product, based on the Vauxhall Viva motor) and the "E" an Escort engine (thatbeing built by rival Ford).

It appears most, if not all, wereowned by the Commonwealth Railways, working on the narrow gaugeCentral Australia Railway between Marree and Alice Springs. A fewcame south when that line closed, ending their days at Port Augusta,and a few on the Eyre Peninsula. Those remaining are believed to be all privately owned.

The largest group appears to be ownedby the Ghan Preservation Society in Alice Springs, as is the car inthe photo.

Some will note that there arepictures of some of these carrying the "N" code as part of theirnumber, and others, including other types of cars, were classed witha "CC".

CR generally did not allocate analpha code to its standard gauge cars, but noted its narrow gaugeunits as "NXXX". Some older stock was reallocated a "CC" number as itwas being rebuilt, "CC" believed to be a shortening of "CCE" or"Chief Civil Engineer"!. The use of "CC" was carried over into thepractice of Australian National.

Some SAR cars were also re-coded withthe "CC" including some Fairmont cars, as they were outshopped in theheyday of Australian National.

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