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Motor Quad - Villiers8E

(Commonwealth Railways, NSWGR,QR, STCo)


These two cars were discovered at a Dealers inWilmington, South Australia, suggesting that they had come from theformer Commonwealth Railways. The owner said he acquired them atauction in Port Augusta

Markings on the quads confirmed their ancestory asbeing sourced from the New South Wales Government Railways. Otherthan that, not much else is known about them. Note the Fairmont 14"steel wheels on the main frame. Power is a Villiers Mark 8E twostroke motor. The motor for the car in the picture is to the right ofthe person sitting on the car.

A couple of these are in the PichiRichi Railway Collection at Quorn, runningon their 42" track.

Greg Lee has an excellent description of these here.

Whilst in Brisbane (September 2003), we found thisVilliers in the Museum at Ipswich.

David Mewes, their curator, advises that QR rantwo models of NSWGR cars on their standard gauge line south to theborder. This Villiers is one of two. See also the SICpage.

I have also seen photos of these in Broken Hill, appearing as narrow gauge units, most likely owned by the Silverton Tramway Company.

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