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The MT 14 series cars were used extensively byQueensland Railways and the New South Wales Government Railways.

See GregLees pages for the NSWexperience.

They were powered by the Fairmont RO-C seriesmotor, using a flat belt drive to a two-speed gearbox mounted onthe rear axle.

Accorded to Tutts, some 540 cars were built in theperiod between 1961 through to 1980, although, as Greg notes, the NSWGR had these cars in service in 1952. Photo shows a well restoredQueensland Railways Mt14 Z42 at Gympie - home of the MaryValley Railway


The above car is believed to be one of severalM14-Z24s built for use in Queensland. One was sold at auction in November 2003.The car, owned by the Farleigh Mill, was known as the"Bumble Bee" and that name that was painted onto itThat car carried Pacific Number 1046, and wasnoted as built 1976, Engine No 110683Additional plates note "built under licence fromFairmont Railway Motors Inc.,Fairmont, Minnesota, U. S. A. Fairmont No. 240119,Model M14-Z24."It is understood to be the only Fairmont type carsupplied to a sugar mill in the last 30 years.Queensland Rail also ran a couple of Z24 cars onits 2ft gauge Innisfail Tramway until that was sold in 1977.The cars were returned south forregauging.Thanks to John Browning for the information on "BumbleBee" and the photo above.

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