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 This is an M15B-Z42, and the photo shows thefirst Fairmont I ever saw, and ever rode in at.Peelinna Creek, nearCummins, 1985

The M15Bs were built by Tutts with Fairmont bitsand pieces. According to the info from Tutts they knocked these outfrom 1965 through to 1981, building a total of 281 units. Tutts alsobuilt two MT15BS cars. This suggests a car powered by a Briggs Motor,with a two speed gearbox.

It has been suggested that the M15s were developedby Fairmont in 1959. Tutts, or one of its many variations, may wellhave built the M15's earlier than 1965.

Queensland Rail ran them, often with a magneto,and so did Commonwealth Railways (some of theirs had electricstart). Many of the QR cars have been preserved - see Kens Section Car Shed.

This car is M116, last used out of PortLincoln.

I found a letter from QR that suggests that theyhad 152 of these in service in 1987.

QR modified a number of their cars to run with a Briggs and Stratton motor, and an infinately variable belt drive.

Some of these cars were built by a company known as Fessl, and are thus known as "Fessl" cars.

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