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Fairmont A-5 - Emu Bay Railway

 The Emu Bay Railway runs from Burnie to some mines on the Far West Coast of Tasmania. It is a stunning railway that carries zinc concentrate.

It, too, has run Fairmont Section cars, in this case what appear to be narrow gauge A series cars.

I am not sure of how many EBR owned, but three are known to exist, with two operational, and are owned by the Don River Railway in Tasmania.

In speaking with the locals, it was thought that the EBR built these cars from scratch in the early 1970's. However pictures in a couple of Lou Rae's books show them being rebuilt in and around 1971-72. Some locals have sugested that EBR bought these in the mid 1960's.

No evidence of car serial numbers was found.

Do you have photos of these cars in service?

In Launceston

At the Don River.

These guys have the most fantastic workshop around. And thanks too to the young guy who spent an hour with me showing me through!

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