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This Tamper 27AWF is a former CommonwealthRailways car, seen here at Stone Hut in 1985 during work on theGladstone-Wilmington line.

Within a year, the line, the cars and therollingstock had all been removed.

I am not sure of the numbers of these built. Theywere issued to the Central Australia Railway, but ended up on theQuorn Line for the Roadmaster to use, and the Gladstone-Wilmingtonline. The information I have suggests that they were introduced toservice in 1973. There were a few of these also running on theCommonwealth Railway's Standard Gauge lines.

There are two on the narrow gauge that I know ofstill complete, one in Alice Springs and one in SA. Know of a coupleon the standard gauge that are around. The ST-2 behind has also beenpreserved.

The two narrow gauge cars were powered by a Holden Red motor through a three speed manual transmission and and reversable box in the rear axle.

According to the database held by GlenButcher the 27AWF is a Kalamazoo number.

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