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Tamper 27AWF

This Tamper 27AWF is a former Commonwealth Railways car, seen here at Stone Hut in 1985 during work on the Gladstone-Wilmington line.

Within a year, the line, the cars and the rollingstock had all been removed.

I am not sure of the numbers of these built. They were issued to the Central Australia Railway, but ended up on the Quorn Line for the Roadmaster to use, and the Gladstone-Wilmington line. The information I have suggests that they were introduced to service in 1973. There were a few of these also running on the Commonwealth Railway's Standard Gauge lines.

There are two on the narrow gauge that I know of still complete, one in Alice Springs and one in SA. Know of a couple on the standard gauge that are around. The ST-2 behind has also been preserved.

The two narrow gauge cars were powered by a Holden Red motor through a three speed manual transmission and and reversable box in the rear axle.

According to the database held by Glen Butcher the 27AWF is a Kalamazoo number.

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