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My resources don't mention when they built thesecars, just that Australian National Railways ("AN") did build them,at most likely at the Islington Workshops

. Given they are called "AN" cars by AN, longbefore AN called a locomotive an "AN" it would suggest that it wassome time after 1981.

All I can confirm was that by 1986, three carswere allocated to Tailem Bend, Karoonda and Naracoorte Gangs. Allbroad (63") gauge.

The above car was sitting in Islington GangCompound when snapped.

The data I have from Australian National does notnote if there were any used, in 1986, on the standard system: howeverthere were several on the Broad Gauge.

A couple have been preserved by Steamranger in SA(broad gauge) and one by YPRailon the standard gauge, but modified forbroad gauge running.

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