April 2002

The Yeelanna-Kapinnie Railway Line is one of the anacronisms of the South Australian Railways Network. Despite being lightly laid, it has survived and, although currently not in use, is still there. It was an ideal corridor for ASSCO to get onto.It was also part of a broader dream to run section cars from Port Lincoln to Thevenard, and across to Buckleboo - one day.

It was an ideal run for us, and so we timed it to fit in the Cummins Kalamazoo Races. We ran a saugage sizzle at the event, and made a reasonable return for our work, which went into th ASSCO kitty. This took up our Saturday.

The Kalamazoo event had, at the time, grown to draw a crowd in the vicinity of about 4000 people. Sadly, it is currently not being run.

On the Sunday, we got down to business. Australia Southern Railroad gave us a closed line for the day. We had already been to Yeelanna and back whilst awaiting Ian and his newly restored MT14-Z42.

This photo is taken looking back to the silos at Kapinnie, in the direction of Mount Hope.

My M19-Z42, orginally an ex Port Lincoln car, and Ians Queensland Railways MT14. We were up till two the night before helping Ian finalise a few jobs.

Left to right - Don Smith, Norm George, and Ian Harris. (Unfortunately you cannot see the huge smiles on their faces).

Yeelanna Yard

Our agreement with ASR, and our risk assessment, identified the Todd Highway as "high risk". There was also the possibility of trains through the yard, and by avoiding the cost of hiring staff, our fees were kept down.

But on the way back, we were able to stop at the Salt pans just west of Kapinnie for a photo or two. These pans are part of thehuge Lake Malata.

Turning Ians MT14

Lynda joined us for the ride to pick up the mysteriously "dropped" water bottle.

Note the smiles!

Coming back from the "water bottle"

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