NRG Flinders

October 2002

NRG Flinders Operating Services, a power generation company, kindly agreed to allowing us (ASSCO) to access to their 250km (160 mile) railway line between Stirling North and Leigh Creek. This was the second time ASSCO had run this line, the previous being Easter 2001.

The railway carries a single train each way each day, although the single train is 12000t, one of the longest and heaviest trains in South Australia, hauling coal from a mine at Leigh Creek to the power station at Stirling North.

As with ASSCO's first venture, we contracted safeworking support in the form of a track worker from EDI Rail, and train control from Australian Rail Track Corportation. Our sincere thanks to the intrepid John Metcalf for agreeing to come with us, and to Paul Jerman and the train controllers for their support Activities. We were, and many of us remain, extremely grateful of the support shown to us by NRG Flinders, and in particular Glen Reye, their Rail Manager.

This trip was run over the Long Weekend of October , 6 and 7. We elected over three as the committee believed that two days was just too short a period. The three days worked a treat, although we did most of the running on the saturday, up to Beltana. it was fun listening to the band.

The photos, in the main, have been provided by Ian Harris. This was one of the smaller runs done by ASSCO. The funds from this trip left sufficient reserves in the bank for ASSCO to renew its insurance in 2004, when premiums returned to a more respectable level. Without this trip, it would be most unlikely that ASSCO would be operating today.

A highlight for me was the opportunity to share such a great trip with some wonderful people.

Don was responsible for vehicle accreditation. Ian Harris also joined in, and is now building the skills towards accreditation as a meet coordinator.

Photo is by Ian, in front of the EDI wagon shop at Stirling North.

Don on the left, and John Metcalf on the right, share yarns about track inspection. From watching Don, we should consider charging EDI for the trip, as he watched almost each and every sleeper and spike roll past!

Ian and Don took the M19 for the first section between Stirling North and Wilcatana.


Time to ring in and have a quick break at Wilcatana.

Nic Doncaster snapped from the TIC the hills that lead into Copley. This track is not dissimilar to that of Steamtown. Lots of travel through flat open areas, and a grand finale of a set of wonderful hills.

We stopped at the road crossing at Leigh Creek for a couple of minutes. on the way home.

Geoff Harris snapped Don and Ian at Beltana on the southbound run. Nic was talking to Ivan Woods, who was hoping to join us for the trip home.

The trio.

Don gives "The Beast" the thumbs up. It ran the entire trip without any problems (other than a slipped chain). Not exactly a rocket, but certainly a steady perfomer.

At lunch on the Sunday, John swings the group into the loop at Parachilna. Our running went so well we had only about an hour to wait for the train.

And there she goes!

Geoff and the M19

We made Camp at Neuroodla at about 4pm. this led to a nice easy evening under the stars.

A good get away from Neuroodla got us to Wilcatana in time to cross. The prompt get away meant we got into Stirling North at around Noon.

Ahh, nothing like some real trolley therapy

This smile is competing hard with the one Ian Harris wore!

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