Mary Valley

March 2003

Mary Valley Heritage Railway is one of Queenslands leading tourist trains. It runs along an old branch line from the town of Gympie to its terminus at Imbil. A distance of some 30km (20 miles). The line was developed to assist with the transportation of produce from the rich farming area through which it runs.

Mary Valley is a fairly young railway, formed in the 1990's. It has access to a large tourist market, and its proximity to Brisbane provides a ready market. Like most Queensland railways, it is 42", and laid with generally 42lb plant, on timber sleepers and a dirt ballast. Its scenic value is outstanding.

ASSCO received its Notice of Accreditation (as part of the reciprocal accreditation arrangements) the day before, and its authority to runat the same time. This trip was the culmination of a significant body of work by Jerry Jirasek and me. We spent innumerate hours negotiating with MVHR and QT to get ASSCO running in Queensland - this was despite some really serious attempts to undermine, and even stop, ASSCO running. Jerry continues to play a lead role in ASSCO in Queensland to this day

The run was split so that each group would run the line once. First group in the morning, the second group in the afternoon. Our agreement with MVHR meant we did not do the entire line from Gympie to Imbil, but the line between Gildora and Imbil.

Over the day fifteen members and seven cars had an outing. And the pub did well at the end of the day.

Jerry proudly holds ASSCO's Certificate of Accreditation issued the day before by Queensland Transport.

The first group at the Tunnel near Melawondi.

Jerrys MT14, Johnno Loves ST2, Ken McHughs M15, and Alan Greenwoods M15.

The second group preparing to leave Imbil.

Amamoora siding - the shop did not know what had hit it.

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