CC107 is a Fairmont ST2-Z42 that was last used on the Eyre Peninsula. I believe her to be the last of her kind in use on the Eyre Peninsula. Records from the National Railway Museum suggest 107 was purchased during the 1959/60 Financial year by the SAR for £586 (about $12000 today).

She was based at Cummins Gang in 1985. Here she is at Edillilie, the first silo north of Port Lincoln in January 1986. Not sure if she was still with Cummins Gang, or was working with the Lincoln Gang. Either way, it was not that far from when Australian National closed Cummins Gang.

I bought her from Australian National just after she had been withdrawn from service. I never ran her, and she was later donated by me to the Pichi Richi Railway at Quorn.

She was picked up from my house and taken there by Carl Cederblad (dec). She is the Color Girl of section cars on EP as published in Peter Knifes book on the railways on Eyre Peninsula.

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