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Alberrie Creek Gang

I have picked up three photos of the Gang at Alberrie Creek, located on the "Old Ghan" railway that used to run between Marree and Alice Springs.

This Commonwealth Railways line was closed in 1980.

I have spoken with Monty Luke, a former CR employee, who has not been able to shed any light on the people in the photo.

We have worked out that the photos were taken in the late 1940's or early 1950's. One other photo in the series I have shows an old SAR "T" class motor section car. We believe that many of the people are "New Australians". As one of the photos shows the shadow of the camera on a tripod, we believe that the original owner is in the pics!.

The pictures are all contact prints - 5cm square.

I would love hear from you if you know anyone in the photo.

email details here - or phone me 0418807954.

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