Peterborough - Eurelia Removal


Northern End of Walloway Yard - The track remains in-situ south of this (October 4)

Just out of Walloway - typical of the rail condition. There was little rust on the foot of most of the rail we inspected, and minimal wear on the rail head.

The foot of a lot of the yard rail had rusted out though.

Don sheds a "tear".

Don was the last Roadmaster for the Quorn line.

The Project to remove the railway was completed December 17, 2008.

Regardless of what Steamtown did or did not do, what it achieved or what it did not achieve, we both had a lot of fun on this railway. Whether it be doing things for Steamtown, running my section cars, or the Quad to Quorn, it, and this railway, is the home to a lot of great times, and wonderful memories. It is sad to see its destruction

Eurelia | Walloway Hills 1 | Walloway Hills 2


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