BHP's Port Lincoln Operations

Line Removal

These were taken April 6, 2001, just west of Port LincolnTuna Processors. The guys reckon they had four months to go.

These photos were taken right by the Fish Factory. The photo onthe left looking towards the Proper Bay Depot, the photo on the rightlooking towards Coffins

Labour intensive, the work is done by hand. The bars are used topick the rails up and roll them to the left.

This photo is just east of :The Fish Factory" (building in rightof pic). The curve led around to a kink, followed by a dirt crossingto a boat ramp.

Crates ready to collect the base plates

A glorious morning, this is the end (as you come from Proper Bay)of the big embankment skirting Proper Bay. Sadly no more.

Foot of the rail, This photo does not show the corrosion well.

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