BHP's Port Lincoln Operations

Coffin Bay Mine, Depot, and Outloader

Andy and I have just run the locomotive through the triangle, and are ready to push back The road in the foreground runs to a triangle behind me.

Ready to load sand- first job was to fill the train. Note the guy on the platform IIRC this is Ron Dunn Operations Manager.

Each of the silos held a thousand tonnes

The Coffins Workshop, when in use and before the vandals got to it!

The two Scammels used to move the sand - Push Started by a dozer

The Electric Bucket. There were apparently cable problems a/c soil Acidity. The sand is now loaded by a diesel tractor


Moving the sand to refill the Outloader. Look Familiar?

They filmed The Light Horsemen here! And the producer lost his wallet.

Train ready to roll

Looking towards Port Lincoln, my last visit before the line came up. See how overgrown the yard is. If you look carefully you can just make out the triangle (look to the left of the second power pole). The power poles mark the end of the mine lease. These provided a contact for the bogger cable.

Me biding farewell. The shed to the left is the power hut. Idiot vandals smashed this up and the main control board in the workshop with the power still on!

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