BAS 615

These photos of what has been identified as BAS615were taken the week after the hopper arrived from PortLincoln.

I purchased the hopper off Dean Lukin, who isredeveloping the Proper Bay terminal for housing. There is anotherhopper, a flat top and a ballast plow preserved in Port Lincoln bythe EPRPS.

These hoppers were used in the construction andmaintenance of the tramway, right up until the very early eighties.They were bought from the Commonwealth Railways during theconstruction of the line.It was apparently used in the constructionof the Trans Australian Railway.

It is now in the care of Port Dock Station RailwayMuseum at Port Adelaide. Fittingly, the shed behind is the newCommonwealth Railways Pavilion.

Lynda and I sponsore this vehicles' ongoing maintenance.


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