Train Mountain
Train Mountain - where does onestart.

John and I headed down to Chiloquin along Route97, to spend a day or two at Train Mountain. We stopped off on theway to collect his 7.5" gauge speeder from its storage shed, butarrived at a time that let us avoid the rush.

We were back the next day to start the Grand Tour,with John kindly letting me have a go on his speeder.

Well, two and a half hours later Ireturned.

Had I seen all of Train Mountain? No.

I missed one section as I kept missing the switchto take a loop. The next day I spent another hour trying to getaround the loop, and was rescued by Train Mountain staff - someonehad misset the road.

This railway is about 14 MILES (20km) long. HandyHint - take map, radio and Water (just as I did) and allow lots oftime.

The Triannnual was Huge. I was stunned to seeworking models of Big Boys, Challengers, and Southern Pacific Triplexbeasties, all working.It was a bigger thrill to site an ex WesternAustralian WATO kit engine, with a very proud owner. The processionof trains was almost endless.

It was also a pleasure to meet the Owner, QuentinBreen.

This engine is part of the Vanderspek Fleet, we did not get to seeit in steam.

A wonderful model of an SP Berkshire.

These guys take their hobby very Seriously. This is the best pic Ican find of the Little WATO engine.

At least this guy is Honest - We all know who has final say in howwe enjoy our hobbies!

Heres the reason why!

Trains Trains and more trains. The Yard is not yet full!

The lead engines and their trains all ready to roll!

What a site - a UP Big Boy in little in steam - note the scaletrain behind it.

Now, I know I took a wrong turn here earlier, but why are allthese people here?

Me on Johns Speeder.

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