The Pacific Northwest Tour, 2003

St Maries River Railroad - Bovill

Today is the final day (July, 2) of the Tour for me, so it was with some sadness that the day started. 

I had been having such a great time that the three weeks had flown and it was time to head home.

I joined John in his gang car for the start of the day, as I wanted to enjoy this last day. I was not dissapointed.

This line is still an active timber carrier, although as with so many other lines we had travelled, changes in the lumber industry have seen some mills close and therefore some of the traffic on the line reduce.

This line follows the St Maries river upstream to Bovill, a small hamlet. (I recommend the local grocers hamburgers). It has a section of 2.5% grade, but otherwise appears to manage a constant 1% climb.

The Clydes invited me to ride with them in the "John Henry", kindly allowing me to take them from Fernwood to Sherwin. I didn't quite pass Bonnies' Driving Test, as I kept spilling her drink.

To finish off the tour, Ted kindly allowed me to bring his M9 home. The ride home was shared with Don Borden, who is now bitten by the "Two Stroke Bug".

Bonnie and Clyde Andrews "John Henry". Before I got to take it for a spin!

This car carries the worlds finest watermelon - worth the trip just for it.

Riding up the Valley with John

Oneof the sidings holding log waggons

The Frosts MT14

What I can best identify as Pedee Trestle


Looking upstream of the St Maries River from the Pedee Trestle

The "time to get going" sound for this trip was Chris' ST2. There is nothing like the haze!

Potty Break at Fernwood

John and Carl at the Pedee Trestle Stop on the way back

Don Borden and me, on Ted Hoehiesels M9 - What a hoot!

When we arrived back at St. Maries, the train was ready to meet us. A quick yard shuffle and we were clear.

And so ended three fantastic weeks.

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