The Pacific Northwest Tour,2003

Palouse River and Coulee CityRailroad


We did this section apon our return toPullman (afternoon of June 25), as we ran directly back throughPalouse, not deviating to Potlach.

This was a short trip, of about 10miles.

Moscow and Pullman support each other with Pullmanacting as a dormitory town to Moscow,which has a university.

At one time there were two lines connectingPullman and Moscow, today there is one.

Arriving in Moscow.

Me on Teds M9 at Moscow.

Ted Hoheisel with his former Royal Canadian Mounted Police M9. AndJim "Just can't have a bad day on a speeder" Haskins and his M19 atMoscow.

Ted was not too sure about the life of this little wonder. Itcertainly had appeared not to have travelled too far. Two whole days,and nearly 200 miles - Whoo Hoo!


A good reason not to linger in Moscow was this LPG car. Itderailed a day before, and was being repaired. The box car iscarrying water, and the tanker has been pumped full, pending repairs.It must have gone well, we didn't hear any more of it.

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