IThe Pacific Northwest Tour,2003

Palouse River and Coulee CityRailroad

Pullman-Marshall Via Potlach-Pullman

  We set on at the PalouseRiver and Coulee City Railroad yard in Pullmanon the afternoon of Monday June 23, in readiness for the run up toMarshall, taking in the spur to Potlach

The Spur to Potlach, which swings off at Palouse,was part of the Washington,Idaho and Montana Railway, and was untilrecently a lumber line. It shares a history with the Milwaukee Road,and more recently the Burlington Northern Santa Fe. The Potlach depotis being supported by a localhistory group, hoping to preserveit.

At Palouse, there are remnants of an electricinterurban line, the Great Northern, that ran a service from Spokaneto Moscow. The route is suggested by a large concrete peir in themiddle of the town valley.

Our trip takes us up to a place calledMarshall, not far itself from Spokane. We will end up staying inCheney, a short bus ride from Marshall.

I say end up, as we nearly were kipping in one ofthe box cars behind the Motel. Some mixed up accomodation saw meadopt John for the night, officially taking on the name of "NicBlack" in order to gain a room. The half hourly trains running pastthe back of the Motel made for an interesting night. Maybe theyshould promote the Motel as a "Gunzels Paradise".

If you are in Pullman for a meal, I recommend thatyou visit Swilly's restuarant.

Key business for the line is grain andLumber.

One of the highlights of this line was to run itwith Ted Hoheisels' little M9. A busy car to drive, once up and setshe litteraly flew along. Thanks Ted, it was a lot of fun!

Just more Glorious Crops

Johns car leads the Spicers as we head off from Palouse towardsPotlach - We will return here for lunch

Potlach Depot. This building served as headquarters for thePotlach Lumber Company, the parent to the Washington, Idaho andMontana Railway Company. There is a preservation group trying toraise enough money to save the building. The railroad wants it movedabout 350 metres to the left of the photo, to reduce its ownliability exposure. The building has been tarped to reduce waterentry.

Back at Palouse, Jim and Jan Spicer partake of luncheon. If theyhad done this fifty years earlier, a Great Northern ElectricInterurban may have disturbed their peace.

I beleive that this is an old mill. Oakedale. Most of the crewstocked up on fuel here.

Oakesdale, the last car joins us, and Nic pursues his habit forElevators.

Rosalia for a break.

I found the small towns fascinating. I was not sure what toexpect. Certianly did not think that they would be "just like inModel Railroader", yet strangely, they were. This building is inRosalia.

We have arrived at Marshall, and some have turned their cars. Thebus is about to arrive to take us to the "Motel" for the night!

This is a former Milwaukee Bridge. Some on the tour said thatMilwaukee built things not only to look good, but also to last.

Why did they then go broke!

"It looks like a bridge?"

Everyone lined up ready to go.

Arriving back at Rosalia Wednesday June 25.

The railroad crew with one of our group.

The Boys from Kentucky meet us as we return to Oakesdale.

And the daily train gets ready for us to leave.

At our stop, on the way back to Pullman, at Palouse.

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