The Pacific Northwest Tour,2003

Camas Prairie Railnet -Kooskia

John and I returned from Train Mountain (Sunday June29) after missing the trip to Riperiah. We did miss crossing theClearwater River using a lift bridge. This is part of the CamasSystem.

After a prompt set on, I road from Lewiston toKooskia, in the most, with Tod Hill, in his MT14. It took a few daysfor my sore ribs to settle - what a great time I had.

I was even bestowed honorary membership fo the"Hilltodler Crew" and have a yellow cap to prove it.

Our return trip home was under the threat of rain,although it did not start to spot until we were almost back. Thelightening did not help some of the local fire crews as there were afew scrub fires. The sharp wind also threw out my hat. I wasn't tooworried about the hat, rather all the MOW and other badges that wereattached.

This line still carry's timber and other product.At Kooskia there is a mill and a few other activities that stillcreate business for the railway. At one point on this line, Kamiah,we cross a swing bridge that has swung once. Apparently a competingrailroad ran a boat up the river, the Clearwater, to prove that itwas navigable, so the railroad then had to install a swing bridge -apparently it only ever swung once; when installed!

The base of the Camas Prairie services, located atLewistion, is near a major mill. This, with a few other businessesprovides most of the business for the railroad.The first section ofthis line, from Lewiston to Spalding, is shared with tomorrowssection up to Cottonwood.

The Boys from Kentucky admire the view at Lenore, whilst some takethe time to stretch their legs on the river foreshore.

Others take their time to use the "potty",or to socialise.

The other reason for this photo is the Maxim 3000 "Thing of Beautyand Joy Forever".

Know what that is. See bottom of page!

I am not sure if this was an elevator,a mill or something else. Onthe way back it was sorting bags of something.

I joined Tod Hill in his MT14 at Lenore, and rode with him therest of the way.

Lunch at Kooskia, and Jim Creaseman, left and Jim Groover, rightwalk past Tods car, and Tod, on the ground, on their way back totheir cars.

Homeward bound

Jim and Pat Spicer, standing refresh after a swim.

They must be mad. It was only 80 in the shade, and 20 in thewater!!!!

Jim Groover has the right idea, a cold drink and a hat!

The fearless swimmers. We were also furnished watermelon by Bonnyand Clyde Andrews - still the best watermelon I have had, in theworld!

Looking back upstream from the swimming hole.

And on the home stretch, coming back into Lewiston near thePotlach Mill.

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The Maxim 3000, is the port-a-potty.The one displayed in the photo is the result of many years researchand testing by The Vanderspeks and MOW. It has been tested to be safeover many thousands of miles, and joins Carl on many of histrips!
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