The Pacific Northwest Tour,2003

Bits and Pieces


John noted some problems with his A3 tracking on the first trip upto Cascade. On the way through Baker City, we spent some time at atruck stop adding some spacers to the wheels on the front right andrear left. Problem Fixed.

George Hope sent me this pic of me with the two Molsons. Both arepretty cool.

Molson is the dog to the left, whereas I am holding a Molson Beerin my hand. This pic was taken at Dayton.

Both are fine examples of what Canada can produce!!

Coming back down from the Camas Prairie Trip, I was givent thechance to run Carl Vanderspeks' "Big Blue". Just behind is JohnBlacks A.

This car sits on cast wheels, is silky smooth, has sprung seats,and Vista windows - looks like a project for my shed!

My apologies to the young gentleman, his name is the subject of amental blank. The young lady is Sarah (Kelley).

Why photos of an Auto?

This is a MitsubishiDiamante - known in Adelaide, and Australia, where they areassembled as a Magna. (The auto is a previous model to that on theMits webpage).

When I saw this, I had to look twice. The finnesse on this wasoutstanding, showing the quality that Australia can produce.

I missed out on seeing a Pontiac GTO (our HoldenMonaro) close up, although there were a few around.

Keep an eye out for more Oz cars; possibly even the HoldenUte Badged at an El Camino

The photos were taken at Lewiston.

Sitting on Ted Hohiesels M9 is me and Nancy Frost - Gotta convertmore to two stroke!

 This Heisler is located in a park in Lewiston, Idaho, andwas in good shape.


Don Borden and I on Teds M9 - Attempting to convert more to TwoStroke!

The photo was taken on the last day of the trip, on the way backfrom Boville.

Thanks to Ted Hoheisel for allowing me the thrill of running hislittle baby!

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